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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 27, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PST

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this morning on the kron 4 morning news. icethe kron 4 morning news starts right now. p g and e crews have been busy in mountain view. a branch fell onto an electric wire last night. that left around 400-homes without power. it also sent a live wire into the street. the fire department had to show up. it took them several hours to fix this scary situation.
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crews spent a lot of time up in the trees. sawing branches. businesses on miller avenue in mill valley spent last night. bagging up. a shoe store along miller. have not only sand bags up. but also trash bags and tape. to keep any potential floodwaters out. all the fallen rainwater is gushing into storm drains. the drains empty to a creek that runs right by several businesses. employees at the 2 am club, a bar that has flooded before. says they will be ready just in case. kron-4's philippe djegal
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was a little farther down the peninsula. . and describes the problems this storm caused there. while motorists let up a little on the peddle during the drive down the penninsula from san francisco -- and, turned on the windshielf wipers. highway 101 was still messy in parts. where traffic seemed to grind to a scretching hault because the california highway patrol and fire fighters. were busy responding to accidents during the evening commute. like this four car collision involving five people just before the southbound millbrae avenue exit. the driver of this google shopping express toyota prius admits to taking her eyes off the road momentarily. before crashing into the prius in front of her, causing a chain reaction. which proved to be very dangerous in the wet conditions. the chp had the drivers move to a nearby gas station to allow traffic to move again.
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on city streets, like this intersection in san carlos, water build up along curbs and near gutters forced drivers to take it slow around turns. and, on 101, passing through palo alto, at times, traffic was stop and go. but as it got later in the evening. the road cleared. as for the 4-car crash near millbrae, only minor injuries were reported. in the south bay, philippe djegal, kron four news. scary moments on board a flight from l-a to oakland as the cabin fills up with smoke. take a look. maintenance crews think there was a leak in the air conditioning on the plane.
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this video courtesy of linton johnson. the skywest flight 44-54 landed safely at oakland international airport. passengers were asked to leave as quickly as possible. you can hear the flight is attendant trying to keep the 75 passengers calm as they
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exited the plane. a spokesperson for skywest says no other flights were impacted by the incident.
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new this morning. three people are dead and three are injured after a plane crash on hawaii's lanai island. first here's your forecast. the morning erica. >>erica: waking up to dry weather currently. we still have a few showers out and danville but we are following it very light in nature. these three showers continue to work their way east. i think will see mostly cloudy conditions for the rest of the day. does it chance for a spot a pop-up shower. will see all that activity will toward east the with rain in yosemite and snow and the sierra nevada. as for right now temperatures are mainly in the '50s. was the upper 50s and 60s as we head into the afternoon. upper 50s expected for santa rosa to date and 62 year high in
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sunnyvale. looking ahead into tomorrow storm number two is going to arrive. this cloudy conditions. will say it's pretty moderate to heavy like to friday morning 7:00, scattered showers throughout the heart of the bay. the red will be a little bit stronger in napa santa rosa and fairfield. with strong winds coming from the southeast the 40 mi. per hour. one of the in the sharks or surprises as your experience of down freeze of power lines. that's a great concern. here's the 7 day around the bay forecast. like i mentioned the unsettled weather will stick around through the weekend. the clock will start to see it a dry weather as we start the next workweek. looks like the next door will approach.
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as for traffic around the bay area no major hot spots located in the immediate bay area. a few accidents i want to tell you about coming up in just a moment. focusing on our bridges, that's the priority. woolsey traffic moving well. still a little bit when tear. a high wind advisory is in a factory that was the same over at the bay bridge to drive with extra caution. keep a firm grip on the stairwell. over at the golden gate bridge moving pretty well for your ride out of marin county. as we take it over to our traffic maps, we do have a couple accidents were let outside of the scope of our viewing area. softball 101 and overturned a big rig. all lanes currently blocked the the chp is diverting traffic off of lieutenant ave off ramp. a do tort is in place and you can get right back on the freeway or speeds have actually slowed a bit.
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the crash happened at 11:30 our time near the island's airport. the plane was taking off when it went down. crews located it about a mile southwest of the airport. this story is still developing and we will bring you more information when it becomes available. the governor of arizona has vetoed the controversial religious freedom bill, but opponents say the fight isn't over. find out why. the bay area getting hit with -- not just one. but *two storms over the next few days. adding to the water supply. but also creating headaches.
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rain from san francisco going across the bay bridge. .to the east bay. here's what it looked like in berkeley. and there was heavy rain and strong winds in the north bay and to the south in san jose!. we have team coverage tracking the storm. chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett. is here to tell you what to expect tonight and in the morning. jacqueline? more on a story we've been following here on kron four. about that rare mysterious illness that has struck a handful of children across california.
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kron four's rob fladeboe found another victim -- a san jose boy who appears to be winning his battle against this disease which closely resembles polio. 10-year-old vikash muruhathasan can play a little piano now but 15 months ago he had lost most of the feeling in his left arm and hand. sot vikash muruhathasan vikash is one of a handful of california kids to come down with a mysterious polio-like disease that causes paralysis in the limbs and untold stress for they and their families. while vikash and a few other sufferers had flu - like symptoms prior to infection, it's not clear how this so- called polio-like syndrome is contracted. there's no
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known cure but through intense physical therapy, vikash is making steady progress and his parents want others to know there is hope. doctors can't say as yet if what's ailing vikash is a virus or something else but they say it resembles polio. they say 20 cases statewide is not an epidemic but rather a rare phenomenon. unlike others with the malady, vikash is slowly recovering, he can handle a pair of scizzers once again and he can type 75 words a minute. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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a state bill that would add warning labels to sugary drinks such as sodas and from san francisco supervisors. the legislation would require a warning label on cans and bottles of soda, energy and sports drinks, and fruit drinks with added sweeteners that have 75 calories or more per 12 ounces. as part of the so-called sugar-sweetened beverage safety warning act, a label would warn consumers that added sugars "contribute to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay." san francisco voters will also decide on a soda tax on the november ballot. the legislation would levy a 2-cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks sold in the city. the tax measure would require two-thirds voter approval to pass.
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those "nutrition facts" labels on nearly every food package in grocery stores are getting a new look. this is video of some of the current. often misleading nutritional information on packaging. on the new labels. calories will be in larger, bolder type, and consumers for the first time would know whether foods had added sugars. serving sizes would be more realistic. a serving of ice cream, for example, would double to a full cup, closer to what people actually eat. these new nutrition labels are likely several years away. today will likely be the
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final day of testimony in the drugged driving trial of kerry kennedy. the ex-wife of gov. andrew cuomo and daughter of the late sen. robert f. kennedy says she accidentally ingested sleeping pill overtook her senses without warning. that led to a wild drive on a new york freeway. a drive she cannot recall. she doesn't remember swerving into a tractor- trailer and blowing a tire. if convicted, kennedy could lose her license, and spend up to a year in jail.
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and federal investigators are now looking into whether general motors acted quickly enough. with their latest recall. g-m recalled 1-point-6 million older-model small cars it's trying to fix faulty ignition switches linked to crashes that led to 13- deaths. documents apperently show g-m knew about the problem ten years ago. the recall affects some older models of the pontiac
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solstice and saturn sky sports cars. the saturn ion. chevy h-h-r s-u-v, chevy cobalt and pontiac g- 5. a controversial bill passed in arizona. will not become law. andrew spencer reports the governor responded to the legislation -- and the firestorm of opposition surrounding it -- with her veto pen. the governor of arizona said she would do what was right for arizona. "the bill is broadly worded, and could result in unintended and negative consequences." .and with that, arizona governor jan brewer vetoed senate bill 10-62.
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opponents of the controversial bill cheered outside and chanted, "thank you, jan." many feared the legislation would have given businesses legal backing to deny service to gay and lesbian customers as an assertion of the business owners' religious beliefs. the bill's supporters said it wasn't about condoning discrimination. "it has been extraordinarily distorted as to the whole struggle that it's been made up to be when it's not about that at all." "to the supporters of this legislation, i want you to know that i understand that long-held norms about marriage and family are being challenged as never before.however, i sincerely believe that senate bill 1062 has the potential to create more problems than it purports to solve." while opponents of the bill cheered the governor's action.
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"in her vetoing the bill, i really feel like there's a possible hope for reconciliation within our state, and we can maybe move forward past this really sort of unfortunate chapter." .some say the fight isn't over, as other states -- including georgia, kansas and missouri -- are considering similar legislation. i'm andrew spencer, reporting
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in texas. a victory for gay rights activists. after a judge says, the state's ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. the court ruled in favor of two gay couples who challenged the marriage ban. however-- the judge also says, for now the ban will remain in place, pending a ruling by an appeals court later this year. at least one related case on appeal. is currently headed to the u-s supreme court. in world news. ukraine's fugitive president is asking for russia's protection from people he calls "extremists." this comes as ukraine's acting interior minister says troops and police have been put on high alert after armed men seized a government administration
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building and parliament in southern ukraine. this is where pro-russian protesters have faced off against rivals. an estimated 50-gunmen are occupying the buildings and a russian flag is flying over the parliament building. employees have been told to stay away from the area. tensions in the region have risen since ukraine's president was ousted. ukraine's parliament is set to vote on a new government today. and in syria. army troops have killed 175-rebels in an attack near damascus. that's according to state media.
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but the syrian observatory for human rights says the lebanese hezbollah group was behind the attack. that group has been helping syria's president's regime push back rebels near syria's capital. both state media and the observatory say most of the rebels killed. belonged to group linked to al-qaida. next. one of bryan stow's convicted attackers. who looked to be freed on time served. is thrown back in jail. we'll tell you why.
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we do have a dry weather as we start the next work week. i will continue to follow the lead to the right now and the traffic center and one to talk about some potential hot spots. right now the bridges all look good. no problems here at the bay bridge toll plaza toll plaza moving well but we do have high when the advisory it not only at the bay bridge but also at the san mateo bridge. as we take a live look at the golden gate they went that awaits you. keep in my we did have some sprinkles for your ride coming out of the bottle. overlooking the richmond san rafael bridge we have more clout and the fasttrack land. an over to our traffic maps softball 1 01 at 10th avenue and not a commute direction. donna morgan hill we do have been overturned big rig the blocking of the land. the chp is diverting traffic all the way. the club once you get will
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start to pick up some yellow and that's for speeds that dropped down to 45 mi. an hour. one of the men who badly beat a san francisco giants fan at dodger stadium will be held without bail on federal firearms charges. marvin norwood, who was sentenced to four years in prison for the beating of brian stow was due to be released soon after being given credit for time served. but a federal judge said norwood was a danger to the community and a flight risk
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and should be held pending trial. norwood and co-defendant louie sanchez pleaded guilty last thursday to the beating of stow on opening day in 2011. sanchez also faces the firearms charge. he received an eight-year sentence in the stow beating and still has about five years left. a's get off to a fast start in their first spring
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training game. oakland opened cactus league play with a 10-5 victory over the giants. brandon moss and stephen vogt each drove in two runs during a six-run fourth inning against san francisco closer sergio romo. yoenis cespedes also drove in two runs as the a's won their first spring opener in three years. pablo sandoval drove in a run for the giants. giants pitcher yusmeiro petit took the loss, allowing four runs - three earned - on five hits in one inning. jesse chavez allowed a hit and struck out a batter in two innings for the a's to get credit for the win.
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the warriors would probably rather forget last night in chicago. the bulls put an emphatic stop to golden state's four game winning streak. the bull defense won the battle on the glass. forced 16 turnovers and held all- star stephen curry in check. curry tied a season low with five points on 2-of-10 shooting. that left the door wide open for the bulls 103-83 win. it's the warriors first loss since the all-star break. final: 103-83 bulls warriors first loss since the all-star break
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kron4's jackets and so is live at the bay bridge this morning. >>: good morning. it is windy out here. all across the richness and rafeal and also the bay bridge. they both have wind advisories for good reason. the wind is gusting. i'm not in a higher profile the the culprit a van. a lot of those high- profile vehicles will have to be careful. with the
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combined combined that with the fact that the rain. obviously as the storm blows through the bay area on the top end of it that's when you're gonna get those wind gust especially when you're out of its ban on those bridges. take a little slow. the roadways are still wet. slow down this morning. >>anny: jackie, thank you so much. >>:the first of the blue angels. arrived at oakland airport yesterday. after a year's absence. the team is planning for the return to fleet week in october. the show was canceled last year, because of federal government budget cuts. members of the team say, they are excited to return to san francisco. and they appreciate the support the city has shown them.
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and with storms hitting the bay area over the next few days. we'll tell you where you can find free sandbags! we're coming up on 4-30. here are the big stories we're working on for you this morning. live look at stormtracker four. the rain isn't over yet as the bay area gets soaked with the first of two storms arrived this week. and on the peninsula last night. the wet roads are
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believed to be a factor in this chain reaction crash involving a google delivery worker. the driver admitted to taking her eyes off the road on soutbound highway 101 near millbrae exit. the c- h-p was busy responding to several accidents during the evening commute.
4:43 am
for those of you who want to
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protect your homes during the storms, but don't know where to go to find sandbags, there are some free options. in san francisco, the department of public works offers them with proper i-d. you can pick them up at 2323 cesar chavez street. there is a ten sandbag limit per address. in oakland, you can get up to 20- free sandbags and 50- feet of plastic sheeting. at the municipal service center at 7101 edgewater drive. between 8 a-m and 9 p-m monday through friday. in san jose, there are three locations: the city service yard on mabury road. the city's central service yard on senter road. and the santa clara valley water district's. winfield warehouse. no listing on how many sandbags per residence, but make sure to bring proper identification. and in other parts of the south bay. on embarcadero road in palo alto -- adjacent to the palo alto air terminal. on the northeast corner of gold and catherine streets in alviso. and at the el toro fire station. on old monterey road in morgan hill. also happening today. of course. is the cecond of two storms in a row. to roll
4:45 am
into the bay. the rainfall will be adding to the water supply. but also creating headaches. expect wet weather and sometimes gusty winds through saturday. and lingering into sunday. but what can we expect this morning. and later tonight, specifically? let's zoom in here to give it in san rafael. we do have a lot of rain working its way east. and across richmond san rafael bridge and an end up over interstate 80. take a look at peninsula. sam still stretching down toward specific country it most of us just chilling was cloudy conditions. now a wider weather picture shows all the activity has worked its way east so we are seeing snow showers and the sierra nevada. if we also saw some pretty active weather for all of northern california. in fact we saw a bunch of light districts in the yosemite area. we will catch a break as we head into the afternoon. looking at the potential for some showers but we really dry up by one
4:46 am
this afternoon. in fact some of the clouds will parts and we will see some sunshine later on today. is not until late tonight that we start to see some rain once again. storm number to rolling man. this on a lot weather. it will bring strong winds. very heavy rain expected to fall overnight and that it looks like scattered showers with an up and heading out on friday morning with the heaviest rain center and the north bay. from this point onward as we head into the weekend here some of the totals we are expecting. between 1 and 2 in. for the north bay hills. over and enter rain for the bay. we could see south east went up to 40 mi. per hour gusts up to 60 mi. per hour so i wouldn't be surprised if we went into down trees and power lines. the potential for hazard a lot greater with this upcoming system. here's your 7 day around the bay forecast. unsettled weather will carry on into the weekend. there are the potential for some showers on early sunday morning, but looks like woolsey drier
4:47 am
weather as we start the next work week. slight chance for rain as we had to next wednesday. right now it's looking like a 30 to 40% chance. that is something we will continue to monitor. as for traffic around the bay area, traffic building here at the bay bridge, but still not tracking any weight at the pay gates. keep in mind, and we do have a high wind advisories for most bay area bridges. that includes the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge and as we take it over to the golden gate, a west that a way to. drive time are now 23 minutes out of the buyout and to san francisco. the rich and san rafael bridge is try for now. looks like we could see what weather here in a moment. as we take over to the traffic map we do have a new accident reports. an overturned car now blocking the slow lane three you could see the buildup of
4:48 am
backing up. the area of red indicated speeds below 25 mi. per hour. we also have an accident southbound 101 in morgan hill. all lanes currently blocked due to an overturned big rig. >>:the boston marathon is making changes to security, after last year's deadly bombing. i was just planning on wearing as little as possible. lightweight shorts and a light singlet. those planning on wearing a little more than robert gibson while running the boston marathon may want to rethink their outfits. in light of the boston athletic association's new regulations. runners will *not be allowed to bring bags of clothes to the starting line or finish line. but* the b-a-a will* let runners check in gear. in special, approved bags. on
4:49 am
the boston common the morning of the race. also banned -- backpacks, suitcases and rolling bags. strollers. personal hydration systems like camelbaks. costumes and large props. one wants to have measures imposed that runners, spectators, workers can see so that they know the security they depend on will be there. new regulations aren't just for runners. the police commissioner says marathon watchers with big bags will be subject to searches. we know it's intrusive but unfortunately in this day and age its a necessary evil. but on race day runners like gibson say nothing comes between them and the road. i think it will definitely be received well obviously a
4:50 am
few bothered by it at the beginning of the race.a couple miles in it's not going to be on their mind. be thinking about the race and that'll be it. the boston marathon will be held on april 21st. democrats in congress want to force a vote. on raising the minimum wage. democrats must get a majority of house members to sign the petition. in order for the measure to move forward. however. that is not likely. republicans side with a congressional budget office report, which found, the move could cost the economy a half a million jobs. but that same report also stated. increasing pay, would help lift 900- thousand americans out of poverty. the proposed bill would increase the minimum wage from 7-25 an hour. to 10-
4:51 am
dollars and 10-cents an hour. a surprising scene in campbell today. a man drives his car into a home -- with a woman, reportedly his girlfriend. and 2 children inside the car. and police say, it was intentional. this evening the driver has been identified as 27-year- old anthony mcsherry jr. of campbell. he was later arrested on charges of attempted homicide and d-u- i. the incident happened around 4-oclock. near the intersection of westmont avenue and san tomas aquino road. officers say, the driver did it with the intent to cause injury. all four occupants of the car were transported to the hospital, with moderate injuries. two people were inside the house at the time of the crash, and were unharmed. the two suspects believed to be behind the petsmart burglaries in san carlos. are now being linked to
4:52 am
additional home break-ins in san mateo. police say, last year ashley kirk. was working at petsmart. authorities say, she would tip off others, when homeowners would board their pets, as they were leaving for vacation. police eventually arrested kirk and juan ortega- ramos. in connection with the break- ins. now police say, the pair was also behind three other home robberies in san mateo. new charges have been filed against the two, who are currently held in san mateo county jail. an oakland school is adding
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4:54 am
and oakland school is adding more school supervision. in response to cellphone video of an elementary school fight. the december brawl was the main focus at today's parent -teacher organization meeting at fruitvale elementary.
4:55 am
in response to parental concerns, the oakland unified school district has increased adult supervision on the playground. and more supervisory staff will be added next week. in addition to more parent volunteers who are signing up to help, in the effort to keep students safe. heading into the five o'clock hour we have some great video we wanted to show you.
4:56 am
a bus driver in olympia, washington was beaten by a passenger after the two got into an argument. the violence was caught on camera. michelle millman has the story -- but we warn you, the video is very graphic. the intercity transit bus driver asked the passenger to leave after they began to argue. then the passenger became more and more agitated yelling at the driver not to touch him. the driver gets within inches of the passenger's face, he pushes him then it gets violent. another passenger tried to come to the driver's aid but it appeared difficult to hold back the attacker. he goes at the driver again. the assault suspect leaves the bus and despite police arriving on the scene they were unable to find the man right away. but trough this video transit employees recognized the man and he was arrested for investigation of third degree assault. a man using his camera to record an arrest in maryland was confronted by a police officer. baltimore county's police chief now calls that officer's demands "incorrect, inappropriate, and unnecessary." reporter cheryl conner spoke to the man who recorded the
4:57 am
video. --reporter pkg-as follows-- the video taken just after two on sunday morning starts off with a few people placed under arrest. 21-year-old u-m-b-c student sergio gutierrez was leaving the bars on york road, when he decided to start rolling with his cell phone camera. "it seemed like they were being a little too forceful with these people being arrested, and i don't know. it didn't seem like these people were resisting at all. they just had them pinned down." .but soon, his camera grabbed as much attention. "you see the police presence here?" "yes." "do you see us all? we're not around. do you understand?" "am i interfering?" "do not, do not disrespect us--" "i'm not." "--and do not not listen to us." "i'm not disrespecting--" "now, walk away and shut your mouth or your going to jail." gutierrez says he was singled out in the crowd by the unnamed officers, because he was recording "they grabbed my head and shoved my face against the wall." "don't." "i have done nothing here." "don't open your mouth." "i thought."
4:58 am
"i'm not playing with you." "i thought i had freedom of speech, here." "you don't. you just lost it." "okay." "walk away."
4:59 am
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this morning at 5. the first storm is wrapping up, but another one is headed to the bay.
5:02 am
we'll tell you what to expect. and a high wind advisory on four different bridges right now. how it will affect your morning commute. an wind advisory is in affect for four bridges in that is going to affect your morning commute. as you should drive over the bridge with caution. continuing our team coverage this morning is kron 4's jackie sissel who is live from the bay bridge with more. jackie? the morning. that when the advisory in effect before bay area bridges. he did to my mascara shaken in the wind. i went across to bridge is actually to get to this story. at one of the richmond center fell bridge which does have a wind advisory but i can't tell you that the winds were gusting. but to get out of its spanish pair of the bay bridge there also an effect over at the dumbarton and san mateo and also the
5:03 am
antioch for the so if you're traveling today, be aware because the roads are still wet. the storm blew through last night and there are still puddles on the road to right now. it's a combination of up rain and wind that doesn't work will well on the roadway. as this blows through the tool and it really getting those high winds. as a commute and across the span be careful. grab your will firmly. and understand those winds are blowing hard and you get across. >>darya: thanks a lot of the jacki. a marked and we've been getting lots of rain pictures from viewers. but we want more of them this morning. here are just a few sent to us from across the bay area. e-mail your pics to breaking news at kron four dot com or you can post them online on our facebook and twitter
5:04 am
pages. a $687 million drought- relief plan is headed for floor votes in the legislature today after winning quick approval in committees. assembly and senate budget committees passed the bills just days after the package was announced by gov. jerry brown. most of the money will accelerate water conservation and recycling projects. the legislation also provides $15 million for communities with dangerously low water supplies and calls for increased penalties for illegal water diversions. m the 2014 football season could be the last the raiders play at coliseum. owner mark davis wants to see progress with plans for a new stadium. or the team is gone. joining us live now with more is kron 4's will tran. the raiders starter plant at the coliseum back in 1981.
5:05 am
after that we all know they took off to a los angeles came back in '95 and they've been here ever since. there was a glimmer of hope last october when there was an investment group who came in and said we are going to a bill to a sports entertainment center that was state of the art. guess what, five months later the owner, we lost a will. will check back with him for an update on this story. asked mark davis says there will be at least one more year for the raiders to be in oakland. >>: >>darya: scary moments on board a flight from l-a to oakland as the cabin fills up with smoke. take a look. maintenance crews think there was a leak in the air conditioning on the plane. this video courtesy of linton johnson. the skywest flight 44-54 landed safely at oakland international airport. passengers were asked to leave as quickly as possible.
5:06 am
please leave all the personal belongings behind. we'll let you back on what we cleared off the plane. thank you so much. >>darya:you can hear the flight attendant trying to keep the 75 passengers calm as they exited the plane. a spokesperson for skywest says no other flights were impacted by the incident. >>james:coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a hot sauce plant could be declared a public nuisance. we'll tell you the fate of sriracha hot sauce. and snow falling in tahoe from the series of storms. how much has fallen. and the first storm is nearly over. here's a live look at storm tracker. we'll tell you when the next storm will come.
5:07 am
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news. during the day tomorrow the big story will be heavier rain and now we have a high wind adviser along the coast and the hills. >>darya:sriracha will continue to flow from a southern california plant for now while the city council decides whether the spicy emissions are a public nuisance. the irwindale city council decided last night to wait until april for further action on the sriracha plant. the attorney who represents sriracha maker huy fong foods, says the company is working with the south coast air quality
5:11 am
management district on its filtration system. the los angeles suburb sued last fall to shut down the factory after residents complained that factory fumes stung their eyes and gave them coughing fits. live in the weather center a few scattered showers around the bay area. starting to dry out. expect a lot of conditions is a good day periods coming up in just a couple of minutes. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's. ♪
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yesterday's rain brought a fresh layer of new snow to the sierra. caltrans plows were moving the snow off of sierra highways and sanding the roadways hoping to prevent black ice. meanwhile at area ski resorts. the new snow was a
5:15 am
welcomed sight. the late and sporadic snow has made for a frustrating ski season. new this morning. three people are dead and three are injured after a plane crash on hawaii's lanai island. the crash happened at 11:30 our time near the island's airport. the plane was taking off when it went down. the big story is the snow and the sierra nevada. in fact we did see over a foot in half. some resorts
5:16 am
expecting up to 2 ft. of snow. all have more on your top of forecast coming up in just a moment. we will continue with the possibility of land rainshowers approaching 7:00 this morning. the clouds clear. we start to dry up. we could actually see pockets of sunshine into the afternoon. i don't think the rest of the day will be to wet. it's not until later on tonight when the rain makes its return. you can see green impacting the coastline at first. overnight friday, that's one pretty heavy rain is expected to fall. it could see that blanketing over the entire bay area. to some scattered showers with heavier rain north of the golden gate bridge. his a look as satellite and radar. a lot of chari activity pushing it further north. that winter weather advisory is still in effect. chain requirement if you're heading into that direction. storm ever to bring periods of heavy rain with gusty
5:17 am
winds up to 60 mi. per hour over the next couple of days and it looks like a subtle weather will carry us into the weekend. 517 is the time right now 3 here is george. >>george: thanks erica. we are tracking some slow traffic for your ride on interstate 580 this morning. when the advisory still in effect for the bridges. let's talk now about this problem here where an overturned accident on interstate 580 in the westbound direction is backing up the traffic toward the dublin interchange. we are calling this a hot spot already for the westbound a ride. the rest of the optima past ride, no traffic relate their because of major problems out and tracy won two of five that have flocked to lanes of traffic there. and the south bay we still have a similar to in effect in the roadway closed when all was southbound in morgan hill. there's an overturned tanker truck and still hasn't translated into a north bound back up. the northbound lanes are back up. is the southbound lanes
5:18 am
that are closed reid we mention that the bay bridge is under a wind advisory and so is the san mateo bridge. highway 92. so the westward ride it and east bound lanes may be affected as you can see the changeable message sign has been activated. morning over the high winds. and the golden gate bridge which was under a wind advisory and over nine hours. that advisory has been cancelled. and you could see that traffic seems to be occurring smoothly with no problems for the southbound ride coming in from marin county. >>: three people are dead and three are injured after a plane crash on hawaii's lanai island. the crash happened at 1130 our time near the island's airport.
5:19 am
if the plane was taken off when it went down. crews located it about a mile southwest of the airport. this story is still developing and we will bring you more information when it becomes available. if vetoed a bill that set off a national debate over gay rights, religion and discrimination and subjected the state to blistering criticism from major corporations and political leaders from both parties. brewer's decision defused a national furor over gay rights and religious freedom. the bill backed by republicans in the state legislature was designed to give added protection from lawsuits to people who assert their religious beliefs in refusing service to gays. but opponents called it an open attack on gays that invited discrimination. the bill thrust arizona into the national spotlight last week after both chambers of the legislature approved it. thousands of pages of previously confidential
5:20 am
documents from the clinton administration are set to be released soon. that's according to the national archives. the documents describe communications between bill clinton and his advisers. and potentially his wife, hillary. some of the records pertain to the former president's appointments to federal office. there's no specific date set for their release. a judge is preparing to set a third new trial date for the man accused of killing
5:21 am
12 people at a movie theater near denver in 2012. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty and defendant james holmes has pleaded insanity. the original trial date was in august. that was pushed to february after prosecutors announced they were seeking the death penalty, then the february date was abandoned when prosecutors requested that holmes undergo a second mental health evaluation. ukraine's acting interior minister says troops and police have been put on high alert after armed men seized a government administration building in southern ukraine. an estimated 50-gunmen are occupying the buildings and a russian flag is flying over the parliament building. employees have been told to stay away from the area. tensions in the region have risen since ukraine's president was ousted. ukraine's parliament is set to vote on a new government today. ukraine's fugitive president has left the country for russia. viktor yanukovych is
5:22 am
staying in a kremlin sanatorium just outside of moscow. it's all part of a plan to protect him from protesters. yanukovych-- who hasn't been seen publicly since saturday, says he still considers himself to be the legitimate leader of ukraine. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow.
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5:25 am
checking accounts by interstate 580 in the westbound direction. its backing up traffic through the dublin interchange. mark? >>: watching wall street. dow futures down 92. the market struggling to take it up to the next level. having a hard time getting it up there. a lot of weather related economic news. but-
5:26 am
80456 points shy of their record. the s&p 500 and just a fraction and the nasdaq adding four and half as we've seen disappointing reports coming out of most of them affected by the weather we've had a lot of snow and cold weather and the eastern half of the nation's henry and february. afterfederal investigators are now looking into whether general motors acted quickly enough. with their latest recall. g-m recalled 1-point-6 million older-model small cars it's trying to fix faulty ignition switches linked to crashes that led to 13- deaths. documents apperently show g- m knew about the problem ten years ago.
5:27 am
the recall affects some older models of the pontiac solstice and saturn sky chevy h-h-r s-u-v, chevy cobalt and pontiac g-5. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. blame it on the rain. or a traffic jam. there are all sorts of excuses for being tardy to work. and some of the reasons that seem too good to be true. may just be true. and the weather is our top story this morning. we'll have more on what to expect for your morning commute. watching wall street this morning. futures trading
5:28 am
shows all three indexes negative right now. the market is struggling to take it to the next level but it's having a hard time getting there. for the third straight day, the s and p 500 traded above its record close yesterday but fell back to end the day below it. here's a look a the closing numbers. the dow added 18 points. the nasdaq added four. and the s and p 500 added a half a point. opening bell this morning at 6:30.
5:29 am
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mom: well, i use bount.. kerri:oo! use sparkle®. it's just right for cleaning up everyday little sses sparkl®. the bright way to ean. >> welcome back. we may see wins at about 30 mi. per hourds at 30 mi. per hour.
5:31 am
storm tracker 4 just shows light rain. your ride on highway 1 01 ed you can see is a 10 over 1 01 and a little bit of rain at december for a bridge. as we sample the bay there is light rain and paula out to zero. out towards the dublin and the livermore valley. the bigger picture shows that the wet weather will continue east. we are still seen snow in the sierra nevada. that may get about a foot and half. let's talk about the grand totals. it is not too shabby and we did see--santa rosa saw about a half an inch. you can expect cloudy conditions but we will start to dry out as we head into the afternoon i will talk about
5:32 am
one storm tracker to is expected to come. >> we are still tracking hot spots and the ride on interstate 580 it has is only sure problems. there is a big accident on to 05 in tracy that is jammed up and that eaton canyon road we have a truck that is backing up the drive. this is now adding about 15 minutes to your drive time into castro valid. there are problems persisting with an overturned accident in morgan hill southbound 1 01 this accident is likely to be there until about 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> the big impact is expected out of gilroy in the northbound direction. wind advisories are in affect for bay area bridges and the bay bridge is underwent advisory but the traffic is light the san mateo bridge is also under
5:33 am
advisory and the message sign has been activated. the golden gate bridge is not under any advisories and their conditions are good. your ride to the richmond center fell bridge, the westbound commute is not get backed up. the pay of men still appears to be wet. >> we will now go live to jackie sissel who was live with team coverage. the
5:34 am
>> in my van i was getting tossed across the roadway. the roadway is still wet so the combination of high wind and wet the roadways are not a good one. this is especially in higher profile of the cole's such as trucks and suv's. the wind can really pick up so you should slow down and be careful. >> there was water falling for a short time and later that after no the rain let up and then as the sun set
5:35 am
is started to rain again. the win also picked up. >> there is a $25,000 reward or for anyone who might have information to track down whoever risleis leaving behind tainted meat balls. a report came man this past weekend and there is a $25 reward and that is being offered. this can be yours if you give them information leading to the arrest of the person or persons who are leaving the spine. officials
5:36 am
stated that these the meatballs killed a 7 year old dog. this past weekend we had more reports coming in from the richmond district. animal care control officers found poisonous meatballs and one dog was rushed to the veterinarian but he survived. they submitted all of them that they found to see if t same that they it filed last summer. the big nils is that that $25,000 reward can be yours if you can help track down the person. >> 18 people are looking for a place to live after a fire this morning. the fire was reported in the 100 block and when fire crews arrived the blaze had spread into three of the four units. they had this
5:37 am
all knocked down by 1:00 a.m. and no one was hurt. >> there are pictures of three men expected in five different armed robbers. police stated that they rob five businesses at gunpoint and all of the businesses were closed. investigators stated that they could be in a silver dodge nitro. they are considered to be armed and dangerous. >> police is investigating a shooting in east oakland last night in the area of 76 ave. this was a raw 7:30 p.m. and they do not have no one in custody. the lime
5:38 am
>> one of the men who badly the sensors called giants fans at dodger stadium will be held without bail in federal firearms charges. marvin norwood, who was sentenced to four years in marvin norwood, who was sentenced to four years in prisoif you're seeing sps before your eyes, it's te for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturiz.
5:39 am
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5:41 am
>> good morning. we are seeing scattered showers. storm number two is headed for tonight and i will have a full detail of timing coming up. the line >> new this morning. security changes are being announced for the boston marathon after last year's deadly bombing near the
5:42 am
finish line. often a marathon hours of ringnecks of clothes so that they can change but they will no longer be allowed to bring them. instead, there will be a space or runners can check and their gear, and special or approved texts. also bans, backpacks, suitcases and any rolling next. strollers. personal systems like the camel backs, costumes a large props. the new regulations are not just for runners, the police commissioner says the marathon watchers with big backs will be subject to searches. the boston marathon takes off and running april 21st. >> we will be right back.
5:43 am
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>> welcome back. the time is 5:45 a.m.. here is what it looks like in the east bay yesterday with all the rain. they have come down
5:46 am
just a bit. the wind started to haul. >> it was difficult to sleep with all of that rain falling but this next system is going to bring heavier rain and we may see dust i want to take you over to storm tracker 4. there is a light rain along the coastline. we still have snow in the sierra nevada with a winter weather advisory and we're not out of the woods just yet. we will seek partial clearing into the afternoon. storm number two is hot on our heels. by 10:00 p.m. light rain is expected. it will
5:47 am
intensify over night. moderate to heavy rain is expected to fall and as will wake up early friday morning the scattered showers will remain in the heavy iran will remain in the north of the golden gate bridge. through saturday we're anticipating 2 in. of rain. about half an inch for the day and it is not too shabby we will take what we can get. we also have a high wind watch going into effect for tomorrow your 7 their round the bay highlights unsettled weather into the weekend and i think we will dry out as we head into next week. >> the time right now is 5:47 a.m.. >> the livermore commute to castro valley has had problems first from 205 there has been an overturned
5:48 am
accident that is jim and upper right. on interstate 580 on the dublin grave we have had an overturned accident but has been cleared and the traffic is still backed up through the dublin interchange. they are going to have continuing delays in the northbound direction we're starting to see the back up because of a southbound accident and it is likely to be close for another four hours through the entire morning commute. the impact is likely to be felt. again this is the commute direction. the wind advisory is not much of a back up for the westbound bay bridge. the san mateo bridge is still a small ride in terms of the traffic volume but a advisory is in
5:49 am
affect. the golden gate bridge has traffic that is moving well with no delays. for the drive into marin county here's a look at the richmond center fell bridge. you concede the traffic is still holding heading towards the toll plaza. >> we all know the up a familiar routine at the airport when you're going through the security. well, the government is looking to make changes. the good news is that the department: secured it wants to make it faster for you. the bad news is, it does not quite know how to do it just yet. home lands security is calling on technology companies for help. that want a more efficient scanner for airports that would speed up the screening process, with the goal processing 250 passengers per hour without forcing passengers to remove their shoes, belts and
5:50 am
jackets. the system hope that the scanners would automatically detect threats, which means there would be no operator interpretation required. the process is expected to take years. >> nasa says it has discovered new planets. 715 new plants. the kepler space telescope discover the planets, which were verified using a new technique. this is the biggest single discovery of finance ever made. for the plants are in the habitable zone which nasa says means that a potentially support light. nasa expects the next batch of a data to be revealed with even more planets. >> an announcement today on
5:51 am
the new nutrition label guidelines. the fda proposed new rules that would include changing the circumcise terrific first lady michelle obama will announce the guidelines and even at the white house today. the new rules will go into effect two years after they're finalized. the redesign will make it clear for americans to know how many calories they are consuming. >> in the bay area, that oakland a's to get off to a fast start in their first spring training game. oakland open cactus league play with a 10-5 victory over the giants. brandon moss and stephen bogy each drove in two runs to run is 6 or ron fourth inning against san francisco clothes are sergi) sirsergio ro
5:52 am
>> the warriors would probably rather forget last night in chicago. the bulls put a stop to the golden state's four game winning streak. the bulls' defense won the battle on the glass. the bulls' 1103-83. >> phoebe buffay does not have much to sing about in central park this morning. a loss angeles judge has ordered the actress lisa kudrow to pay her former
5:53 am
manager $1.6 million in residuals from her work on the hit show friends. scott howard, who worked with her for 16 years claimed that he had a verbal agreement with the actors and was old a percentage of earnings. she stated that she had paid howard more than $11 million before they parted ways. >> we have a wind advisory this morning on the bay area bridges. we will be right back. sting perfectly balaed i'easy.
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>> good morning. welcome back. but we have more details on the snow in the sierra and arranged coming up in just a bit. >> we are working on several developing stories.
5:57 am
we are following the latest with the storm. >> we have an icon that is dead. we will have more information on that coming up. >> we do have confirmation on the the gas prices going up coming up. the wind advisory is affecting traffic this morning. we return in just a couple what if you could shrink your pores just by washing your fe? [ female announcer neutrogen® pore refining cleanse alpha-hydroxy and exfoliating beads work to clean and tighten pore so they can look half their siz pores...shrink 'em down to size! [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanse neutrogen® [ female announcer we eased your back pn, you turned up the fu tylenol® provides strong pain relf while being gentl on your stoma.
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6:00 am
>> now at six. we may be seeing a break in the rain right now. but much more is on the way. we'll tell you what to expect. malignedand a high wind advisory on four different bridges right now. how it will affect your morning commute. >> good the thursday morning. we will start with the storms. there is another one on the way. >> storm number two is headed our way. right now, we still have a lingering showers and was see light rain closer to san rafael. we are saying a few sprinkles for those of you driving around the south. it is raining in concord and we have seen some impress of rainfall. over an inch and have and we are flirting with


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